This website is a work in progress.


March 8, 2018

We are on the road to final 1.0.0!

What is planned:

  • We only plan to add an new generic API to fetch any kind of data (like async getInitialProps in Next.js) & a few minor improvements.
  • We will also soon publish a few benchmarks between some well known others static site gen (that might reveal things…).
  • We will try to add a bunch of plugins to show the world what Phenomic can really do.

If you have any question you can ask us on Spectrum or on Gitter.




  • Remove sites in the showcase that were not using Phenomic anymore (or where unavailable). We used a script to detect Phenomic on those website that we will run periodically. by @MoOx
  • Move the website from docs to website folder, more clear for contributors by @MoOx
  • Add a link to our new Spectrum community (by @mxstbr)
  • Add favicons & friends


  • Migration to Circle CI 2.0
  • Readme update
  • PNGs logo added into git repo (previously only sketch & svgs were available)