This website is a work in progress.


October 27, 2018

This is a minor beta that only brings the following:

  • Add PHENOMIC_APP_BASEURL env variable (entire baseUrl option as a string) (in 3799fa8 by @MoOx)
  • @phenomic/plugin-rss-feed: fail with a http 500 if rss feed fail to be generated (in 26c8d95 by @MoOx)
  • @phenomic/plugin-bundler-webpack: Make root for App.js configurable (in 78ecd47 by @airtonix)
  • @phenomic/plugin-renderer-react: fix issues with class attributes (coming from markdown) (in 927aea2 by @MoOx)
  • Internal refactoring by @MoOx

Website has been a WIP for a few month now, mostly due to a break @MoOx took from his keyboard.

Stable 1.0.0 is missing a change for the database engine that is currently causing performance issues during development as soon as you get a hundred of pages. All efforts are currently on this improvement.

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