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November 26, 2018

🚨 We upgraded webpack from v3 to v4.

So this release might be a breaking change if you use a custom webpack. If you use webpack without custom config, you should not have any problem. Note that you could still use v3 webpack plugin if you don’t rely on the react-app preset and specifying the webpack beta.3 plugin version.

⚠️ We removed react-hot-loader

We decided to do, like CRA & Next.js, to not include react-hot-loader for now. Previous version of phenomic could create infinite loop in case of an error in a react component…. It’s not stable enough & it’s not going to be better in the future, when React hooks will land as a stable feature.

Beside this small update, we are working on a react + reason + graphql example 😋 and also a huge improvement on the content API!