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December 8, 2018


Check out beta.7 which includes bugfixes related to this release.

šŸšØ Breaking change

  • Upgrade from babel 6 to babel 7 (+fixup). āš ļø If you were using phenomic without any custom babel config, this update should be transparent for you.
  • Reason users: you will night to replace *.js by *.bs.js for some files Eg: import { createContainer } from "@phenomic/preset-react-app/lib/es6/src/phenomicPresetReactApp.js"; to import { createContainer } from "@phenomic/preset-react-app/lib/es6/src/";

šŸ˜‹ Fixes

šŸ‘ Improvements

šŸ„³ Internal

  • Refactoring of webpack bundler plugin in order to prepare future SSR rendering enabled in dev mode
  • Reason code (generated as javascript) used in the core codebase (experimental)
  • Multiple other minors improvements...