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Building your app as static HTML files

Building your app as static HTML files

A single command to build your site into a dist folder

npm run build

⚠️ Note that this folder need to be served from a real web server. You cannot just open an index.html and expect the client code to work correctly. If you want to run the built project locally, you can run it with these commands

npm install -g serve
serve dist

This will install a small web server and launch your project from dist.

Debugging static build

During the static build, you might get some different kinds of errors

Invariant Violation

Invariant Violation: Minified React error #61; visit for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.

By default, the static build has process.env.NODE_ENV set to production. You can start the static build like this

NODE_ENV=development npm run build

Then you can return to the console and you should have a more explicit error.

Debugging Phenomic core

Phenomic uses debug under the hood, so it's pretty easy to get a very verbose output in your terminal. You can start or build your project by prefixing your command with the DEBUG environment variable set to phenomic:*

NODE_ENV=development DEBUG=phenomic:* npm run build

Depending on what you want to view/filter, you can use a more spefic value for DEBUG (eg: DEBUG=phenomic:core:*).

Deploying static build

You can deploy the dist folder to any kind of static hosting. Nothing special is supposed to be done!

Congratulations! You successfully followed our tutorial. You can find the source in phenomic/examples/react-app-getting-started