This website is a work in progress.

Submit a website/app made with Phenomic to the Showcase

To submit your site, you just need to create a text file. ūüöÄ Screenshots will be taken automatically!

You should be able to submit this file as a pull request via GitHub interface.

Please name the file as the domain of you website. If your website is in a folder, replace / by 2 underscores (__).


  • http://some.where/ =>
  • https://www.somewhere.else/ =>
  • https://www.somewhere.else/right/here =>

For the content of the file, you must use the following format:

title: My super title
url: http://url-of-the-website/app
  - docs
  - community
  - open-source
  - event
  - blog
  - learning
  - business
  - multi-languages
  -  # Choose what you need in that list only! Ask on our chat if you are not sure :) 
A description and technical detail here (optional)